Our Mission

The mission of Cima FC is first and foremost to help each player learn and love the game of soccer.  Additionally our mission is to help players develop confidence and feel good about their best efforts, work as a team and develop team unity, be challenged and strive for improvement, and feel acknowledged and rewarded for hard work.

Right Player – Right Coach – Right Team

Not every coach, team, and player has the same objective on the soccer field.  Soccer is both a leisure recreational activity and a competitive and rewarding sport.  A player is most likely to learn and love soccer if he/she has a coach, team, and soccer family that shares the same level of commitment to the sport. There is no wrong commit level to soccer.  Our goal is to help players get what they want out of the game by placing them with the right coach and the right team.  Our Directors of Player Development will assist coaches and parents in finding the right team for each player.